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I enjoyed pani puri very yummy. Excellent indian home made food. I love your food & delivery service. It is delicious tasty and excellent......
Kuldeep Hothi

Far away from home and in a very busy schedule, we used to miss our home cooked food until we got referred by a friend about your tiffin service. We enjoy your food. You have a wide range of variety so we don't end up eating the same kind of food daily. Keep up the good work! We wish you all the success!.
Mitesh Shah

I must say it's quite an experience. This so called food revolution happing in tiffin service. I loved service, food, variety, greeting. It is best option for busy man like me. Don't waste time in kitchen for our meal. And others, it is very affordable Indian food with great quantity. I liked also menu and ordering online system. They are also helpful in our dietary requirements. On my view for those of you searching for a culinary experience then Shree Dutt services are the best compare to other food services..
Vishnu Patel

i love cooking my own food but I do use the tiffin service some times only from Basil Caters becuase the food is really good and I can trust giving it to little kids. This time we used the catering service and ordered bhakri (rotis) for a diwali get together from 3 sources and Basil Caters was the best. The rotis were soft and moist and everyone enjoyed them. I hope that the quality is maintained always and i can keep using this service. thank you so much..
Suchitra Baliga

Excellent quality food. Enjoyed the food and the best part was that they customised the food according to our taste. Also, they exhibited a lot of flexibility around how we wanted it to be delivered. Overall great experience. Keep it up and hope you maintain the quality of food. All the best!!.
Dhaval Thakkar

We are loving the tasty variety of food, and have so much more free time to ourselves. We no longer spend our evenings in cooking. The dinner is now just as easy as opening the box, heating and relishing every bit of it. It's healthy, convenient and above all yummy !!!!!!.
Ushma Chinmay

Very impressive service set-up, We try your tiffin service for the first time..food was very good. Would love to try your other services. Keep up your service level. Will recommend your set up to my family n other friends..
Deepak Bhatnagar

I had organised catering through Basil Caters and the result was superb. The food was fantastic and tasty. Everyone who tasted the food had only good things to say. I must add that the service received from Jignesh Patel was excellent and the pricing is really good value for money and would recommend the catering service to anyone anyday. Keep up the good work..
Pritesh Solanki

Good homemade food. Very friendly services. Accommodating different needs and requirements. Definitely recommended..
Monita Nayak

We had our friends over from Sydney and had ordered food from your tiffin service. We simply loved the food, the Lilva Paratha were amazing, we couldn't stop eating. Thanks a lot for the best food I have had. It checks all areas taste, aroma & presentation..
Preeti Patel

Really good food...we enjoy our evening dinner dabbas. it is such a relief to come home from work and not cook. the food is not overtly spicy or oily and very light which makes it a perfectly home-cooked meal. The food taste is excellent, plenty of options, good business etiquette, hassle free online/smses. But over all very impressed and happy..
Radhika Sandeep

Very delicious, tasty and yummy food. I tried just once and become fan of the food. Plenty of variety and menu to choose and exceptional customer service. Would like to recommend others....
Kalpesh Mau

Good work & service keep it up....... Feels like home... My mates from Sydney jealous of me as being a bachelor I'm still eating everyday different home cooked food.....
Prince Hameed

Very tasty and truly homemade Indian food with exceptional professional and friendly service. There are lots of options to select from menu with affordable price. I definitely recommend to others......
Saurabh Vaishya

The food was excellent! Definitely suggest to other person.....
Kirti Mishra

I really had a best experience of tiffin service. I was missing home made Indian foods. After trying lots of different places, I must say I found one tiffin service which provide really healthy, fresh and also testy food. There are lots of different verities to choose from like full meals, snakes , sweets. And to do its all at affordable price. I am really thankful to Basil Caters for providing this excellent Indian home made food. I am definitely recommending to others.....
Hardik Patel

Excellent food with good Indian taste in affordable price and great customer service. Plenty of varieties to choose from healthy home made food. Definitely reccomend others..
Jayesh M

We enjoyed a lot. Everyone loved the food and service provided. We must say, first time catering experience away from home was amazing. Really would like to give an opportunity again and again. We had friends from even Punjab and Pakistan, really liked this Gujarati food. Highly recommended. .
Niraj Dobariya


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